93FEETOFSMOKE is back with new single, “I'VE BEEN OUTSIDE”, his first release since relocating from Los Angeles, CA to Portland, OR this summer. 

93 has been blending and defying genres throughout most of his career, and this latest hitter is no exception. Skittish midwest emo guitar riffs reverberate back and forth underneath trap drums and hi hats to create an emotive soundscape that perfectly complements another trademark hyper-catchy and playful vocal melody that’ll have you singing along by the end of the first listen. 

One fan commented, “(My) favorite song you’ve released and I've been listening for years, it’s like...the epitome of that 93feetofsmoke sound.” 

 They might be right, but it’s hard to say, as 93FEETOFSMOKE can so effortlessly slide through many different sounds, making each one distinctly and identifiably his own for a brief moment before moving on to the next. Having the heart of a true artist, what we hear all depends on what he’s feeling and experiencing the moment he starts to produce a new track.

 ‘I’ve been outside’ sonically gives off the innocent, euphoric vibe that 93 must have been feeling while settling into his new forest home in the PNW. I can’t say for sure, but the lyrics also seem to reflect on this transition in his life, alluding to some of the connections he may have put at arm’s length when he left LA.

 The video accompanying the new song was captured by 93’s girlfriend, @PastelWife, who has also shot videos such as “RESIN” and “BLOODYMARY (sheeeesh!)”. It features 93 vibing in and around his new neighborhood, exploring, smoking, skating, just generally being outside. 93’s music videos are almost never high budget productions. They have a much more intimate, kind of home video quality to them and are made interesting and engaging through creative cuts and editing. It’s this personal touch that comes through in all of 93’s art and really endears him and his music to his cult-like fanbase.


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