Nedarb joins forces with artists Lil Lotus, Zubin, and Nev Ver to make “oh no”

Nedarb joins forces with artists lil lotus, zubin, and nev ver to make “oh no” 

Nedarb is back. After not uploading a song to soundcloud for over a year, we are finally blessed with this collaboration. The last Nedarb-hosted soundcloud production was an EP titled, “FANtastic” with HOOK and BOOTYCHAAAIN, which was released over a year ago. Although he hasn’t uploaded to his own soundcloud, he has been producing for artists such as Brennan Savage, Fish Narc, and drippin so pretty

For those of you who are not familiar with Nedarb, he’s a producer / dj based out of LA. Ned gained notoriety as a member of GothBoiClique, an emo rap group started circa 2013. He produced many of Lil Peep’s early hits such as lil kennedy, white wine, and white tee. Ned played a big role in the underground scene and the rise of GBC. These days, you can also catch him playing guitar in 'If I Die First,' a screamo band fronted by Lil Lotus, also comprised of Lil Zubin, as well as Travis Richter and Derek Bloom of 'From First to Last' - post hardcore royalty for any of you unfamiliar.

Jumping into “oh no”, the song really brings us back to 5-years-ago-Ned style. The 808’s and guitar style are what made Nedarb… Nedarb. Nev ver kills the first two verses with a fire vocal performance and Lil Lotus shines on the hook. That leaves Lil Zubin, crushing the last verse with his unique voice and delivery. All of these artists together on one track is a rare commodity in 2021, with artists from the underground scene fading off and leaving their cliques. Unfortunately, I don’t think this song will see the same amount of exposure as it would have 4 years ago. This underground scene’s fans have largely migrated into niche subgenres and the excitement for artists in the emo rap scene is dwindling in comparison to when it was a fresh movement.

With that being said, seeing these artists together is nonetheless a true gem. I am excited to hear more tracks like this come out from the alt rap scene. Ned, Zubin, Lotus, and Nev Ver have been going at it for years and they never disappoint. 

Listen to “oh no” below. 

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