Pinkpantheress: The 20 Year Old UK Artist Taking Over TikTok

Pinkpantheress has been creating a new sound of pop over this last year. She released her first song on Soundcloud titled “just a waste”, featuring disco funk vibes that are quite different from the sound we are hearing from Pinkpantheress more recently. She has since evolved into a distinct soft pop sound juxtaposed with a fast-pace beat. 

Pinkpanteress has chosen a unique way to present her brand and her identity on social media. Her Instagram is very true to herself, she isn’t posting professional photos like everyone else. Her feed can be compared to a finsta. She rarely posts on her Instagram/TikTok but when she does; fans go insane for her. In an interview with i-D, Pinkpanteress says, “I'm not necessarily afraid, but I prefer the easier route of publicity, which means I don't feel shy when I post. It’s not about secrecy. I’m avoiding stress and preconceptions.”

Pinkpantheress saw her first real viral moment with “pain”. Singing over a very simple beat, she is able to glide over the beat ever so softly. The gentle vocals of pinkpantheress almost put you into a  trance, giving the listener a truly relaxed state of mind. “Pain” really started to gain traction on TikTok in lateSeptember with 10’s of thousands of users picking it up. 

The song that gave pinkpantheress a lot of mainstream attention is the record “just for me”. The song to date has over 30 million streams on Spotify and the accompanying video video has accumulated over 500,000 in the first week. Pinkpantheress did an incredible job teasing the song on her TikTok, there was a lot of buzz around the song before she ever released the official track. After posting this TikTok, the “just for me” trend started on TikTok with over 2 million users creating videos with her song to date. What made “just for me” a hit is how universal the song is, people are sharing all kinds of videos with her song. 



please 😵😵 I’m wearing a bonnet made of tights ##fyp ##justforme ##CruelSummerConfessions

♬ Just for me - PinkPantheress


The music video “just for me” was shot to fit the vibe of the song. The video wasn’t shot on high budget video equipment; the footage looks like it was shot on a vx2000 camera.. The video showcases 2000’s emo fashion and captures an aesthetic many videographers aren’t able to pull off. Each scene is accompanied by a sterile white background that makes you focus on the subject intensely. Pinkpantheress showed her authenticity and personality by uploading the music video to a profile that looks like a fan account from 2008 titled “PP_ROCKSXX”.

Watch the “just for me” Music Video Below. 

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