ZillaKami, SosMula come together as City Morgue once again: Watch visual for “WHAT’S MY NAME”

Author: Hannah Burkhart (@hannahnoelburk) (@hannahnoelburkhart)

City Morgue, the metal rap duo with its established brand of not giving a care in the world what people think, teams up to give fans a visual for the track “WHAT’S MY NAME” from its latest album, CITY MORGUE VOLUME 3: BOTTOM OF THE BARREL.

The phrase “action-packed” is an understatement for this music video, as it is full of quick 2-5 second clips, going back and forth between ZillaKami and SosMula and the optics of their usual activities. We see shots of red solo cups full of substances, cars street racing, close-ups of busted windows from bullets and eerie clips of Zilla in a wooded area in the dead of the night.

The visual for “WHAT’S MY NAME” is a perfect display of the overall theme of the track: if you don’t know Zilla or Mula and how luxurious yet reckless their lives are, you need a proper introduction, and if you knew them once and forgot about them, you need a proper reintroduction, because they are back and better than ever. If the lyrics aren’t enough of an awakening to the world of City Morgue for you, the video will certainly give you a look into the iconic duo’s consistent importance in the industry.

In most of the shots of ZillaKami, he flashes fans with his “crazy eyes,” letting us know his eccentricity is not limited to the lyrics he asserts in his songs. One fan on YouTube, Vitruviano, commented on the video, “Satan must be scared of Zilla now…”. Some shots of Zilla have an eerie green and black inverted filter over them, supporting his brand of inducing fear on the beholder.

SosMula is seen with stacks of money in quite a few shots, cradling several stacks like a baby in a few shots, and squatting down behind them in others. Mula shows viewers a look into some of his shenanigans: printing money, pouring concoctions of substances and spending time with his day ones.

Watch the visual for City Morgue’s “WHAT’S MY NAME” and give CITY MORGUE VOLUME 3: BOTTOM OF THE BARREL a listen:

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